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In the same way that the Economist magazine argues that the Big Mac Index is a 'good' measure of the relative strength of currencies one can argue that best seller lists capture the concerns and interests of a culture. Best sellers are not necessarily high art or immortal works, but they do offer insights on their time.

Here we aim to provide a core sample, a time transect of American Culture as expressed in book purchasing preferences. Hop into the bathyscaphe...

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1850+ Best Seller 
Uncle Tom's Cabin open wikipedia on the title 
Harriet Beecher Stowe open wikipedia on the author (1811 - 1896) 
Uncle Tom's Cabin was the best selling novel of the nineteenth century. The book is named for the central character and depicts the harsh reality of slavery. The book had such a significant impact that on meeting Stowe, Abraham Lincoln said; "So this is the little lady who made this big war". A product of it's time, the book is interesting also for it's illustration of stereotypes that even abolitionists could not recognise.
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1896 Best Seller 
Tom Grogan open wikipedia on the title 
F. Hopkinson Smith open wikipedia on the author (1838 - 1915) 

1896 Best Seller.

Tom Grogan is a stevedore on the 1890s New York City docks. Tom dies unexpectedly and his wife Mary decides to carry on his business by taking Toms place. It is not easy to maintain the fiction that she is Tom Grogan, nor to keep the business afloat in the face of many challenges.

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1900 #1 Publishers Weekly Best Seller 
To Have and To Hold open wikipedia on the title 
Mary Johnston open wikipedia on the author (1870 - 1936) 

Publishers Weekly #1 Best Seller for 1900.

English soldier turned Virginia explorer unknowingly becomes entangled in royal intrigue when he makes a quick marriage. The author drives the plot through a series of adventures, each revealing more of the essential nature of the characters.

One Americas most popular historical novels and very hard to put down.

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1902 #1 Publishers Weekly Best Seller 
The Virginian open wikipedia on the title 
Owen Wister open wikipedia on the author (1860 - 1938) 

Publishers Weekly #1 Best Seller for 1902.

This novel was the grandfather of the Western genre and follows a natural gentleman as he is entangled with the new Wyoming state's 1890s Johnson County War - the ugly side of the consolidation of The American West. A cabal of large vested interests and a diffuse collection of small players fight for control of access rights to publicly owned common range land. Rhetoric and actions escalate and culminated in some nasty lynchings, the use of a gang of hired Texan killers (with the tacit approval of the state Governor), the murder of a small rancher, the siege of the Texans by a posse of 200, and their eventual rescue by the U.S. sixth cavalry at the orders of the president.

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1918 #1 Publishers Weekly Best Seller 
The U.P. Trail open wikipedia on the title 
Zane Grey open wikipedia on the author (1872 - 1939) 

Publishers Weekly #1 Best Seller for 1918.

An epic novel set against the construction of the Union-Pacific Railroad between 1864 and 1869 and the introduction of the telegraph. Full of wonderfully drawn characters and a central romantic thread.

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1915 #1 Publishers Weekly Best Seller 
The Turmoil open wikipedia on the title 
Booth Tarkington open wikipedia on the author (1869 - 1946) 

Publishers Weekly #1 Best Seller for 1915.

Tarkington was a widely read and prolific multiple Pulitzer Prize winning novelist and dramatist. The story uses a tale of two families following different trajectories but linked by romance to provide a glimpse of the changes induced by industrialization and urbanization.

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1910 #1 Publishers Weekly Best Seller 
The Rosary open wikipedia on the title 
Florence L. Barclay open wikipedia on the author (1862 - 1921) 

Publishers Weekly #1 Best Seller for 1910.

"A delightful love story of English Life -- a love story conducted along lines that are refreshingly novel. The story is told with a charm of style that will captivate the reader." -- Publishers Weekly 1909

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