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In the same way that the Economist magazine argues that the Big Mac Index is a 'good' measure of the relative strength of currencies one can argue that best seller lists capture the concerns and interests of a culture. Best sellers are not necessarily high art or immortal works, but they do offer insights on their time.

Here we aim to provide a core sample, a time transect of American Culture as expressed in book purchasing preferences. Hop into the bathyscaphe...

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1901 #1 Publishers Weekly Best Seller 
The Crisis open wikipedia on the title 
Winston Churchill open wikipedia on the author (1871 - 1947) 

Publishers Weekly #1 Best Seller for 1901.

It is important to note that the author is not the famed English politician and author, but an unrelated American writer.

The novel tells an epic tale of the American Civil War and remained in print until well into the 1970s.

The author wrote of the book that "The breach that threatened our country's existence is healed now. There is no side but Abraham Lincoln's side. And this side, with all reverence and patriotism, the author has tried to take. Yet Abraham Lincoln loved the South as well as the North."

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1900 #1 Publishers Weekly Best Seller 
To Have and To Hold open wikipedia on the title 
Mary Johnston open wikipedia on the author (1870 - 1936) 

Publishers Weekly #1 Best Seller for 1900.

English soldier turned Virginia explorer unknowingly becomes entangled in royal intrigue when he makes a quick marriage. The author drives the plot through a series of adventures, each revealing more of the essential nature of the characters.

One Americas most popular historical novels and very hard to put down.

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1899 Best Seller 
David Harum open wikipedia on the title 
Edward Noyes Westcott open wikipedia on the author (1846 - 1898) 

1899 Best Seller.

A novel full of wonderful character sketches. David Harum, a dry and somewhat excentric country banker, tells of a young man from a well to do family who finds himself in the small town of Homeville and begins a romance with a young lady.

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1898 Best Seller 
Black Rock open wikipedia on the title 
Ralph Connor open wikipedia on the author (1860 - 1937) 

1898 Best Seller.

A new minister arrives at a mining and lumber boomtown in the 1880's West. He is determined to 'clean up the town' and win a few souls, but the task proves more challenging than he anticipated.

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1897 Best Seller 
Quo Vadis open wikipedia on the title 
Henryk Sienkiewicz open wikipedia on the author (1846 - 1916) 

Sienkiewicz received the 1905 Nobel Price in Literature for his "outstanding merits as an epic writer".

The novel follows the developing love between a Christian woman and a Roman Patrician in the time of Nero. The romantic story arc is set against the conflict of the moral systems of the long established Roman Empire and the developing Christianity. Sienkiewicz uses this setting to explore morality and power, and his observations remain relevant today.

The novel is based on extensive historical research and gives a good view of life in those times.

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1896 Best Seller 
Tom Grogan open wikipedia on the title 
F. Hopkinson Smith open wikipedia on the author (1838 - 1915) 

1896 Best Seller.

Tom Grogan is a stevedore on the 1890s New York City docks. Tom dies unexpectedly and his wife Mary decides to carry on his business by taking Toms place. It is not easy to maintain the fiction that she is Tom Grogan, nor to keep the business afloat in the face of many challenges.

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1895 Best Seller 
The Red Badge of Courage open wikipedia on the title 
Stephen Crane open wikipedia on the author (1871 - 1900) 

1895 Best Seller.

One of the most influential anti-war stories ever written The Red Badge of Courage was adapted as a film in 1951 by John Huston. Crane wanted to show what war was like and achieved a ground breaking 'psychological portrayal of fear'. The story follows an archetypical 19 year old recruit in the American Civil War.

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