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In the same way that the Economist magazine argues that the Big Mac Index is a 'good' measure of the relative strength of currencies one can argue that best seller lists capture the concerns and interests of a culture. Best sellers are not necessarily high art or immortal works, but they do offer insights on their time.

Here we aim to provide a core sample, a time transect of American Culture as expressed in book purchasing preferences. Hop into the bathyscaphe...

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1899 Best Seller 
David Harum open wikipedia on the title 
Edward Noyes Westcott open wikipedia on the author (1846 - 1898) 

1899 Best Seller.

A novel full of wonderful character sketches. David Harum, a dry and somewhat excentric country banker, tells of a young man from a well to do family who finds himself in the small town of Homeville and begins a romance with a young lady.

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1863 Best Seller 
Faith Gartney's Girlhood open wikipedia on the title 
A.D.T. Whitney open wikipedia on the author (1824 - 1906) 

1863 Best Seller.

Whitney was an opponent of women's suffrage, although in keeping with her philosophy she took no part in public life. Her message of then merely conservative values meant that her books sold very well to the parents of girls.

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1902 #1 Publishers Weekly Best Seller 
The Virginian open wikipedia on the title 
Owen Wister open wikipedia on the author (1860 - 1938) 

Publishers Weekly #1 Best Seller for 1902.

This novel was the grandfather of the Western genre and follows a natural gentleman as he is entangled with the new Wyoming state's 1890s Johnson County War - the ugly side of the consolidation of The American West. A cabal of large vested interests and a diffuse collection of small players fight for control of access rights to publicly owned common range land. Rhetoric and actions escalate and culminated in some nasty lynchings, the use of a gang of hired Texan killers (with the tacit approval of the state Governor), the murder of a small rancher, the siege of the Texans by a posse of 200, and their eventual rescue by the U.S. sixth cavalry at the orders of the president.

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1914 #1 Publishers Weekly Best Seller 
The Eyes of the World open wikipedia on the title 
Harold Bell Wright open wikipedia on the author (1872 - 1944) 

Publishers Weekly #1 Best Seller for 1914.

Set in the world of authors, artists, and their patrons this novel explores the conflict between art for art sake and art for profit and fame. It was quite controversial in it's day; some accusing Wright of preaching and others supporting his observations.

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