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Dance of Gods I: Spell of Catastrophe open wikipedia on the title Notes on The Dance of Gods

Mayer Alan Brenner's "The Dance of Gods" series was published by DAW Books in the 1990s. A witty and intelligent science / fantasy crossover, Pratchett meets Zelazny meets Douglas Adams, it also prefigures Charles Stross in interesting ways. The series follows a cluster of raffish characters through overlapping and colliding story lines in a wonderfully realized world.

"The humour was never farcical, always intelligent, but there was a certain madcap, slyness to it which I haven't experienced in fantasy for quite a while. Some scenes had me laughing out loud -- not good when traveling with a bunch of strangers, but a perfect remedy to Life..." -- The Book Swede

Published 1989. (252 Kb)

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(See howstuffworks or wikipedia for some background on bluetooth).

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    • Note: on Blackberry devices use the media player and choose 'explore' from the menu to navigate the memory card, 'open' the .jar to begin installation.

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Note: The manager software provided with some phone models (eg.LG model U8360) may not install JavaTM programs to the phone. You will need a Java uploader, for example Game-Thing offers a fantastic Java uploader that also does many of the ' vanilla ' manager tasks (like transferring photos) much better than some phone software.

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Things to note:

  1. Keep in mind the distinction between mobile and internet downloads. If you download using the phone's browser from then the phone should try to directly install the book. Downloading via is designed to support those without internet connectivity on their phone and will give you files that need to be transferred / installed on the phone from a PC.
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  3. Some phones will have maximum jar sizes smaller than our largest books. We have a selected list of books that cover all our sizes so you can easily find the limits of your phone.
  4. WindowsTM based mobile phones, PalmTM devices, and iPhonesTM may not have a JavaTM environment installed. If that were the case then they might happily download from but then not be able to make use of the download. Similarly they would happily download the .zip file from the internet site but them be unable to use the resulting download. We believe there are java environments available but cannot make any recommendations. If you have some personal experience in this are we would like to be able to pass it on to our other users - so please let us know.



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